Balance as a Feeling

reservoir-cropWe can work 10 hours in a job we loathe and feel depleted. We can work those same 10 hours in a job we love and feel invigorated. Your life can be full, very full but is it fulfilling?

Notice what depletes you. Is there anything in your life that depletes you? Your job, a relationship, what you consume (whether TV, social media, food…). This is what can bring us out of balance. Ask yourself this question, do you want what has showed up in your life? There is a choice in how we spend much of our time and also how we feel about it, choose what brings you joy.

Notice what brings you joy. Attempting to achieve a balanced state can feel ever-elusive, but really it’s what you choose to allow in your life and a state of mind, a state of gratitude, and living a passionate life. Joy can be found in appreciating the seemingly simplest things like the beauty of the turning leaves in Fall or an unexpected phone call from a treasured friend. There will be days when we struggle to find even the smallest bit of joy and this is also part of the big beautiful picture of life; honor that within yourself. Allow it and move through the struggle but continue to find the joy; what’s one thing you’re grateful for? This will keep you on the path to finding your joy.

Notice what you strive for. Are you going after what you want or are you leaving it for “someday” in the future? If you aren’t going after what you want, go get it! Find something, no matter how small, that you can start doing today to bring your life into a more fulfilled state. I have found that writing out my thoughts from the day and expressing gratitude for what went well or was fulfilling about my day has dramatically helped to shift my mindset and reminds me to go after what I really want. It can take you from despair into greater lightness and hope when you begin to focus your sights on what is going well and what you intend to create in your life.

What will you create that brings you joy?