What Really Happens When We Set Goals


Setting a goal often becomes more about the transformation that happens along the way than actually reaching the goal itself.  And sometimes the goal that was set wasn’t even reached. You decided to chart a new course along the way and that’s a beautiful thing. You followed your heart and it became something much greater than the goal itself.

In the end, it was all about your intention and taking action to go after it. This IS the greater story. Life weaves, ebbs, flows, cliff dives — in this we learn to bend and soften around each curve and even find ourselves filling up with deep joy because the ride itself becomes the exhilaration.

It was never about the goal anyway. Be willing to let go, be open to the unexpected. This is where the greatest treasures can be found. The short of it — don’t take yourself so seriously. You’ll even surprise yourself.

One thought on “What Really Happens When We Set Goals

  1. Good words. Maybe, just maybe I’ll get to meet you someday. Your g’ma has been a friend of mine since 1964, b/4 your mom was born !


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