What Makes You Feel Powerful?


Empowered definition — “make (someone) stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights.”

Words can be powerful. Empowered is one of my favorite words and has been a personal mantra of mine that has helped me through some challenging times. It gives me strength to move forward, to pull myself up when my motivation wanes, and to inspire others to call upon their own strength within.

The word power can have many different meanings to all of us and also carries with it stories – some of those stories feel amazing while some stories make us feel small. Try on the word empowered and see how it feels.

What does it mean to feel powerful (empowered)? For me it means:

Freedom – owning the right to choose how I want to feel or how I want to experience the world

Joy – a sense of feeling connected to my truth, being in alignment

Possibility – it carries me to a place of possibility, perhaps even unlimited possibility

Motivation – it fuels me to get things done, to take the next step, to believe I can do it

When I move my body to do yoga, to dance, to scale a mountain; to keep myself strong and healthy I feel powerful.

When I speak my truth without fear of how someone may or may not react I feel powerful.

When I take action to go after something I want I feel powerful.

When something scares me and I do it anyway I feel powerful.

When I am creative I feel powerful.

What makes you feel powerful?


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