I’m a Certified Life & Solution Focused Coach, Nutrition Educator, Reiki Practitioner, and Desire Map Facilitator and have a BA in Human Development. I offer a unique and inspiring coaching and leadership style that combines deep wisdom, years of experience, and a fiery desire to guide my clients to tap into a world of unlimited possibility and fulfillment.

In my 20 years of corporate experience in the SF Bay Area I’ve worked with both small and global brands to share best practices for Employer Branding and Advertising, Employee Engagement, Customer Success, and HR/Recruiting programs.

My Story

After working with hundreds of people in my career, one thing became really clear: many people dreamed of having a career they love, but were settling for just a j-o-b. As I worked with people daily my heart went out to them as burnout—major burnout—was becoming the common trend. In my desire to help others, I was beginning to see that my own “job” was pushing me toward a different path.

I often found myself as a mentor to women, I was a natural at figuring out how to work toward balance in my career—a feeling that all women were desperately craving. Taking a stand for myself and speaking up, ensuring that I had time for my coveted yoga classes and hikes with my dog, Toby, and bringing healthy food to work to keep my body and brain fueled.

However, it wasn’t always easy. Along my soul searching journey, I experienced a major awakening—compromising what you really want creates emotional, mental, and even physical pain. I lost my balance. From sleepless nights to a shoulder injury from working intense hours—the lesson of being true to yourself became clear. It was time to blaze a new path to move from surviving to thriving.

This has been my fuel, my fire and what revs me up about inspiring others to find that deep calling within their soul to choose what brings them joy. And to move forward fearlessly.


You too can take charge of your destiny and create a career that is aligned with your lifestyle, passions, and strengths; making room for a life that lights you up.

I invite you to join me on this journey.

Once you know there’s more to be had, there’s no turning back. Life will continue to remind you that it’s time to blaze a new path. A path that can be thrilling yet terrifying all at once as you shed the layers that no longer fit and even take some risks. But it’s worth it. 

You can empower yourself to take that first step and then the next—soon you’re on the path to creating the career (and ultimately life) that lights you up.

Ask yourself – if not now, then when? The answer is likely now.

“I am SO immensely relieved and charged up now that I am working with Shannon! Shannon’s coaching is like a laser, and her natural eye for strengths finding, and her calm and honest personality is EXACTLY the combo I need to rely on.”  – Maria T.