Is it courageous to be yourself?

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I’ve heard many times from wise mentors that it takes courage to be yourself; who you REALLY are. When I think about this it makes my head spin a little. How can that be? Shouldn’t being “yourself” be one of the easiest things to do?

Let’s dive into this a little. Here’s what I think it means to be authentically, unapologetically YOU. It means:

Speaking the truth even when it makes your stomach turn.

Showing love and compassion to the person who just hurt your feelings.

Sharing your ideas and thoughts despite who may disagree, judge, or criticize them.

Wearing what makes you feel good; being comfortable in your own skin.

Saying no to the things that don’t serve your well-being.

For some people this is easy but for many it hasn’t been an easy road to get here. Growing up I was taught that it was better to keep the peace than to speak my truth. I know I’m not alone in this—we learn these things from our families, society, and community. It’s a lot of work trying to fit into a mold that doesn’t fit; it can also be painful. The beautiful thing is that we can make a choice—you can choose to be who you truly are and set yourself free. FREE.

I think it is courageous to be yourself. It means being unpopular at times. It means facing your fears. It means letting go. It’s not always easy but I’ll tell you a little secret—the more you’re you, the more amazing you’ll feel. You’ll also inspire others to live their own truth. How neat is that??

One thought on “Is it courageous to be yourself?

  1. I had the privilege of attending Shannon’s group workshop and it was very insightful on areas we can improve and develop and simply show up in everything we do. It takes courage and determination to be authentic. I have shared the value her session could add to any level of career or young grads trying to figure out their career paths so they can have a balance to life. Thanks Shannon and continue in this path that is much needed.-Acaria


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