For Women: 3 Keys to Get Fired Up and Fulfilled in Your Career! – featuring the Desire Map

Saturday, September 30th @ 1:30pm-3:30pm PST
Mountain View, CA

Spaces are limited, reserve your spot now!

You work hard yet would like to feel more inspired in your career.

You’re ready to take action toward something different.

And you feel like there’s more, perhaps something is missing and you can’t quite put your finger on it.

I have been there and struggled with this myself in Corporate hi-tech jobs for YEARS.

But here’s the thing I realized:

You can be fulfilled in both work AND in life.

This is what I see with so many women:

They put off really going after their own desires, thinking it’ll happen “someday” or that they don’t even know where to start—but that someday never comes because they aren’t taking charge of their desires.

When I got this, everything changed in my career and in my life…

I now get to do fulfilling work on my own terms.

I want this for you too!

That’s why I’m excited to host this live event, “3 Keys to Get Fired Up and Fulfilled in Your Career,” a fun and powerful workshop happening very soon in downtown Mtn. View at the beautiful Yoga Belly Studio…and guess what? It’s completely free!

Spaces are limited, reserve your spot now!


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The Desire Map Workshops

The Desire Map is an inside-out approach to goal setting. Usually when we set goals we focus on external goals that become a to-do list or an arbitrary list of items that you think you should accomplish.

What if first you got to the core of how you want to feel (bold, inspired, blissful…). Once you discover how you want to feel within, THIS becomes your compass for each decision you make and every goal you set.

  • How do you want to feel when you look at your schedule for the week?
  • When you get dressed in the morning?
  • When you walk through the door of your office?
  • When you pick up the phone?
  • When you cash the check, accept the award, finish your masterpiece, or make the sale?

Make 2017 the year that you decide to create the life and career you love! Have a group of women ready to make it happen? I do both live (SF Bay Area and Virtual workshops).

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“I’ve never looked deeper inside like this but have wanted to for a long time; the guidance you have provided is incredibly helpful. I often just don’t know where to start so this has been very good for me!” – Lisa J.