You know you’re ready when…

  • You feel a loss of purpose and passion in your work
  • You’re ready to take action toward a much brighter way of living
  • Your health is suffering because self-care has taken a back seat
  • You feel under-appreciated or your ideas aren’t valued
  • You crave more but you just don’t know where to start
  • You feel like there’s more that you have to offer—untapped skills and desires
  • It’s time to create healthier boundaries

When you aren’t doing work that feels meaningful and true to who you are; you get depleted, frustrated, and ultimately burnt out. It’s time to be where you can thrive.

 Support you will receive

  • Get really clear about what you truly want and need
  • Get clarity about your passions and strengths
  • Uncover stories, beliefs, and fears that may be holding you back
  • Discover the next steps to work toward creating your ideal career + life

 Benefits of working with Shannon

  • Support from someone who has been in your shoes and will hold your vision for you; believing in you as you dive into uncharted territory
  • Confidence to take steps that may feel uncomfortable as you step into the unknown
  • Accountability, without judgement, to take action to achieve your goals
  • Someone who’s willing to take a stand for YOU and sees your potential and value
  • Honest and supportive feedback to help you move beyond where you may be getting stuck


Personal Coaching

Career Clarity Program—We’ll create the vision of your ideal career; what sets your soul on fire. As we spend several weeks together, I’ll guide you through exercises to help define your desires, strengths, and passions to lay the groundwork. We’ll dive into what may be blocking you and getting in your way from having what you desire. You’ll come away with much greater clarity and confidence to go after what you need and want.

VIP Half Day—For those ready to dive right in and quickly get clarity. We’ll spend a few power hours to get really clear on what you desire as well as your strengths and passions. We’ll quickly get to the heart of it together as we walk through exercises to create your vision, begin removing any blocks in your way, and define immediate next steps to get you well on your way to creating the career you love.

Group Programs

Doors are now open for the next group program starting in July/August 2018. Contact me at shannon@shannon-rey.com to apply and see if the program is a fit for you!

“Shannon’s Career Clarity program was just what I needed to get motivated to take the first steps in a career change. Her coaching takes a holistic approach that honors the intersection between our professional and personal selves. Shannon not only brings an incredible positive energy and encouraging nature to our interactions, she is a great listener, the coach that is right alongside you, and will give you the tools you need to put your dreams, desires, and goals into action.” – Jadelin F.


Corporate Teams—In this program we’ll discover what your employees value and desire in their jobs. We’ll begin the conversation of how this can be woven into creating better productivity, happier employees, and sustainable employee engagement.


The Desire Map—A fun and inspiring approach to mapping out your goals and desires. This workshop focuses on what’s going well, what’s going not-so-well, and discovering your innermost desires to help pave the path to your ideal career (and ultimately life).  Please visit my Events page for upcoming workshops.

“Shannon has a nurturing and supportive style that is invaluable if you are feeling stuck and need a little nudge or feel defeated, worn out, confused, dealing with a life crisis or are just plain scared and tired of being stuck.”  – Barbara B.