“In my experience with Shannon, I can attest to the value she brought to our relationship. She’s unlike a traditional counselor; rather, she brings to the table her coaching hat. Shannon’s skills and innate and spiritual wisdom provided me exactly what I needed during a rough patch where I was struggling with identifying my personal gifts and how they could be best used in a career profession. She helped guide me through an exercise where I was able to discover, through feedback of close family and friends, the personal qualities that I possessed that will propel me to my next career. It took this guided instruction to get me there.

She has a nurturing and supportive style that is invaluable if you are feeling stuck and need a little nudge or feel defeated, worn out, confused, dealing with a life crisis or are just plain scared and tired of being stuck. She has backbone, passion, commitment, wisdom and persistence. She is also a natural teacher which shines through in her coaching because her focus is that you be set free so you can soar on your own. It is in these coaching conversations that she talks with you to find the root of your desire to become all that you were created to be. Shannon always has a word of encouragement or correction or wisdom and it’s always delivered in compassion and constructively.

She has inspired me to pursue a career passion that, up until now, seemed distant and unattainable. I still have a lot of work and growing to do, but Shannon taught me how to be open to these new possibilities so that I can thrive where I’m meant to be.”

Barbara B.
Cincinnati, Ohio

“For me, it felt impossible to foresee new possibility clearly, when stuck in the overwhelm of a career transition. I was scared about leaving what I knew and do really well, for an invisible future. Well, I took the leap, after weighing the facts and budget, and also realizing that it was much more painful in the moment (and long run) to stay in the hazy boring job I had been in for 15 years. All of a sudden, it felt insane to stay somewhere to just make money, because that money was not buying my happiness or fulfillment.

I am SO immensely relieved and charged up now that I am working with Shannon! Shannon’s coaching is like a laser, and her natural eye for strengths finding, and her calm and honest personality is EXACTLY the combo I need to rely on. She has helped guide me to understand where my passion, strength and personality overlap, and how to harness that into a new career direction. Every call we chat, I literally feel lighter. I feel seen and heard by someone who has my well-being as her highest intent.

I feel incredibly supported and I am moving forward at a speed that I never expected. It is incredible. Thank you, Shannon!”

Maria T.
San Francisco, CA