Letting Frustration Be Your Fire

IMG_4056 (4).jpg

Have you ever wanted something SO bad that you were pissed that you didn’t have it yet or it just felt unobtainable? I certainly have! I can relate to this intense feeling of both wanting something and complete frustration that is hasn’t happened yet. Perhaps a job, a relationship, or a great adventure.

Often when I host workshops for women, I bring my Truth Bomb Deck by Danielle LaPorte. This is the card that I recently pulled out and loved it so much that I’ve kept it out on my coffee table.

So here’s the deal—let that anger, frustration, and just plain “over it” feeling of not having what you want… let that be your FIRE to actually go get it and make it happen.

What needs to change in order for you to bring that thing you want into reality? Who do you need to be to have it? How can you find the inspiration to bring you closer to it?

A dear friend gave me this wish bracelet with an infinity symbol. I love wearing tokens like this as a reminder of something that I intend to create. This is part of how I stay inspired to keep moving toward what I want.

What can you use as a reminder to go get what you want in life?

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