The Importance of Saying YES to Yourself

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Last month I went on a retreat in Hawaii. It was a business retreat with one of my mentors and many other women who have a big vision for the purpose-driven work they feel called to do in this world.

Deciding to go on this retreat felt a bit luxurious at first and I had some resistance to going. It took a couple of weeks to really think it through and move through some blocks before I decided to go. And guess what—I had an amazing time and was so glad that I went. I experienced new and thrilling adventures, I loved traveling with a group of wonderful women, and had great epiphanies about my life and what I want.

The seemingly small things that you give yourself permission to do will open up doors.

I’ve realized that since I’ve decided to follow this path, the path to doing what fulfills me most in my career, there are moments when it takes some getting used to (after 20 years of a “9-5 job”). Getting used to saying YES to me, to my desires, to what will bring me the greatest joy in my career and in life.

What I have found interesting is that saying yes in my personal life has felt different than saying yes in my career; it’s been easier in my personal life. Having what I really want in my career has taken some serious practice and leaps of faith. I’m still shedding old layers and beliefs of what doesn’t work for me anymore; systems, structures, ways of doing things that we are encouraged to believe are just “how it is.”

I’ve had to say yes to taking risks, to sharing more about who I am and what I stand for, and to actually doing work that comes natural to me and lights me up.

I wouldn’t be here today, writing this to you, and doing work where I get to empower women to do fulfilling work on their own terms if I hadn’t said yes to me and my dreams.

Saying yes to you becomes easier the more you do it. Trust me on this. Once you start, you’ll realize that the world didn’t end, you’re still standing, life is moving along AND you are actually happier. It won’t always be the easier path, but it’s absolutely worth it!

Where do you need to say YES to you??

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