Chase What Feels Good

Untitled design (2).pngThe new year often becomes a time of reflection and hope and we think about what we want to accomplish. It becomes a fresh start, a hope for a better year, perhaps even another chance at accomplishing what we didn’t get to in the previous year.

So how does the usual resolution and goal setting process typically feel for you? How do you feel when you don’t achieve what you set out to do? At some point I stopped making resolutions. You could say my resolution was to make no resolutions. I realized that I didn’t feel so hot when they didn’t get accomplished by the end of the year. Lately I’ve been taking a different approach to life and goal planning. This new approach for me has been life altering and actually feels amazing—regardless of whether or not I achieve the initial goal.

Here’s how it goes. What’s on your list? What do you really, really want? Before you make your list for the new year—first ask yourself why you want it. How will acquiring or achieving that thing or experience make you feel? Will you feel inspired, joyful, bold, love… figure out what you’re really going after and instead, chase that feeling.

What went well last year, what do you feel good about?

What didn’t go so well? 

What are you now leaving behind, what needs to GO?!

How do you want to feel as you embark on the new year?

What needs to happen to make sure that you feel that way?

What within you is aching to be expressed?

What makes you feel free?

Leave out the “shoulds” and goals chosen out of obligation. Go after what makes you feel good and that simply lights you up!

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